'An article purportedly written by me on doctors receiving commission for tests ordered by them is doing the rounds on the internet. I have written no such article. Whatever article I write is put up on my website. So everyone should be cautious before circulating something along these lines.'

Dr. B. M. Hegde


Respected and Dear Dr. Hegde,


I have to write this letter to you. I write this in complete honesty. I am known not to flatter anyone but I have never ever hesitated in appreciating genuinely and honestly. Sir, you have touched me. Listening to you in Goa was a scientific spiritual experience for me. I was wanting to experience this for a very long time. I knew it existed somewhere but never knew that your talk would make me feel the transcending experience.

I had felt this at different places in life. It had happened during a lecture at Ramakrishna Mission in Mumbai. It has happened to me watching the peak of Mount Everest through my aircraft window and again while seeing the dense green pines in Hassan Valley in Shimla. It has happened to me when I saw new-born babies crawling up to mother’s breast and in healing of surgical wounds when I had not done anything except approximating them.

I knew it has to happen through science for me and I felt I was palpating “something beyond” during your talk. Thank you sir! But am I accurate enough in using those two impotent words. I don’t think so. Pardon me. Words are too incompetent to convey anything leave aside gratitude.

I have a prayer: can you mail me the names of the books that you rattled off so effortlessly during your talk? I want to read them. Those books have now selected me. I have to read them sir.

I want to meet you again and hear your ideas. I want to communicate with you and evolve. I would be honored if you can allow me to remain in touch with you as a fellow traveler seeking solutions – beyond!

In prayer Pankaj

Dear Professor,

Thank you for your opinion piece in "The Hindu" on Oct. 23, 2010. I am a practicing geriatrician in the US and have been struggling with the concepts you describe in your article my entire professional life. It was very refreshing to read that there are still voices of reason in the medical field.
Thank you
Petra Flock

Dear Prof. Hegde,

It was a great pleasure to listen to you in the Lecture In my name at COE 2010 programme. Everybody including myself was spellbound and started rethinking about the science and the philosophy of life.You have made it. Since that day I have been thinking about you,how great you are compared to us. I would like to call You " SATGURU " if you kindly allow me.You can help our country.

Dr.Sailendra Bhattacharyya
India's oldest living legend of orthopaedic surgeon from Kolkatta.

SHENOY R, India :

I would like to congratulate Prof B M Hegde for writing this sensitive article about a good gentleman who will not be forgotten because of his deeds.

I am left to ponder over this line I have quoted from the article. Zone of futility is one which we see often. The clients do not see what the physician does. The ability to communicate honestly and effectively goes a long way in bridging this gap. Counseling is an art in itself. A good doctor treats the disease but a great doctor treats the patient. [Prof B M Hegde]Counseling skills are one of the requirements for a great doctor. In today's world you will find the physicians writing notes and investigating to cover all possibilities. Does the client need all the investigations? The western world has a different view of a physician as oppossed to India where they are looked at as some one high or big. Slowly but steadily India is catching up with the west. We hear of malpractice suits commonly these days. The mal practice suits arise because of patient dissatisfaction and or anger. Some times the reason may be trivial. It is important to listen to the patient. One should not forget the traditional methods of examination. No imaging will make up for a good and through clinical examination coupled with a detailed history. I still remember Prof B M Hegde's golden advice 'you have to palpate the carotids to time the murmur whether you are a 3rd year medical student or Paul Dudley White, the president of international congress of cardiology.' I had the fortune of listening to Prof Hegde in the late seventies. His thorough understanding of the subject matter on which he was lecturing made us feel very good. I am thankful to Prof Hegde for showing light at least for some distance in my pursuit of learning.

Thanks for the great article Prof.

A Light In The Darkness
Appeared in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) Rapid Responses on Dec13, 2009)

I often wonder lately what our world would be like if competent and caring physicians like Professor Monappa Hegde were allowed to steer the ship. Reading his comments would open many eyes, it is a credit to the BMJ to choose so wisely when it comes to publish comments from contributors.

As retired university chancellor and cardiologist with demanding roles in locations all over the globe, he seemingly cannot keep his nose out of the affairsof others.

And that is what is so sorely needed today, that someone take a stand and -as the saying goes- to protect and to serve. Be it the swine flu hoax, the screeningswindle or the ineffective treatment of so many illnesses, Hegde is there to point the finger. And he does more. Not content with the way the caretakers of thepeople's health carry out their appointed tasks, he stirs. Yes he is a stirrer and that distinguishes him from the crowd, from those who placidly accept the status quo.

We do not need yaysayers, conformists, opportunists or those who wear their blindfolds with pride, we do need compassion combined with the wealth of knowledge only a lifetime of caring for the sick can bestow.

Competing interests: None declared
Dr. Herbert H. Nehrlich,
Private Practice
Bribie Island, Australia
Send response to journal: Re: A Light In The Darkness

Date: 19 July 2010 15:00

Professor Hegde,

May I tell you how much I enjoyed your fascinating and provocative Editorial in the Kuwait Medical Journal. One of the two allusions to physics strain my brain but one of my grandsons is an astrophysist, so a can manage to pronounce them. I notice that you have an association with the Middlesex Hospital – sadly, totally demolished.

You may be amused by an anecdote about Karl Popper whom we both admire, which I read in a book by Brian Magee, ‘The confessions of a philosopher,’ in which he first heard Popper speak in London. He went to a meeting which referred to the Pre-Socratic philosophers, to be given by Popper, who, I think, had just moved to London from New Zealand. All the well-known philosophers came to the lecture in which he was about to astonish Magee, at least, with his argument that we should not try to prove our hypotheses but test to see if they survive or discard or modify them. His title included the declaration that the they idea had been put forward by the early Greek philosophers.

When they were all sitting, two men walked down the central isle, one tall, distinguished (?Popper), the other, short, nondescript (whoever?). Of course, the short one was Popper and he gave an electrifying talk. To Magee’s astonishment, the professional philosopher, almost ignored the meat of the lecture and spent the discussion time arguing over which particular Pre-Socratic philosophers had first propounded the idea!

Many thanks for the wonderful stimulating article ,

Jerry Kirk
Professor RM Kirk MS FRCS
Department of Surgery Royal Free Hospital
Pond Street
London NW3 2QG
Tel: 0207 794 0500 ext 35412/34452
Fax 0207 472 6444
Home: 10 Southwood Lane
Highgate Village
London N6 5EE
Tel: 0208 340 8575

" The thunderous applause that you have received repeatedly during the course of your Sarabahai Oration at the API National Meet in Pune in 1988 address, bespeaks of the quality that you possess, not only as an orator but also as a Scientist and Investigator"

BP Udwadia (Chief)
Medical Division, Baroda

Dear Monappanna,
At the outset let me explain my decision to address you as "Monappanna", in spite of my being older. Going thro' several of your recent writings has inexorably led me to believe in your mature wisdom, not only in medicine, but also in all other major fields. This has served to cut me down to size and acknowledge straightway your high level of knowledge & wisdom. As such, am I not justified in calling you "anna"? Hearty congrats on your illuminating editorial, which has been rightly commended and appreciated by the Edotor.

Warm regards,
Dr. HPC Shetty.
Founder Director of the Fisheries College, Mangalore

".....I was very happy to go through the  Sarabhai Oration you have recently delivered at Pune.

It was a refreshing departure from orations given nowadays, loaded with statistics, supported by tables, charts etc., which are not always interesting to hear and have to be examined in the few seconds they are flashed on the screen.

I am indeed very happy you have reached a certain height in the academic field, and at the same time, being able to involve yourself in teaching and patient care."

I made it a point to go through your book
Art of Public Speaking chapter by chapter daily.  I was delighted to read the book and appreciated very much the ideas and the general principles of proper delivery of one’s ideas in a public speech.

Prof KV Thiruvengadam
Emeritus Professor,.


"......I have perfected a computer model of "Pattern Recognition in Clinical Medicine" and wish to use it for teaching. You stimulated this idea when I was your student. This will be dedicated to you.... I have had education in 4 Universities in the world; but my best was under you in Mangalore......"

Dr Michael Thomson
Vancouver, 1985


"...... There have been three excellent attachments, which have opened my mind again to the excitement of medicine. Now I can add a fourth! I am inspired once more! I shall return to with a multitude of new facts. But more importantly with a clearer idea of the way a medical mind should work... I have seen a keen and clear mind at work in you. Throughout my schooling it has always been that way of thinking that has impressed me in teachers. Thank you for another fine model!........"

Keith Brent
Final year student (Elective)
, . 1989


The book (Holistic Living) is both informative and interesting. I have passed it on to our Health Department.

Tony Blair
Prime Minister of .


".... Your lecture went down a treat with all sections of the audience from senior consultants to junior technicians....."

Simon Joseph
Consultant Cardiologist .


".....We had known about you as a renowned teacher and Cardiologist but the brilliant talk you gave at the Urology Conference impressed all very much....."

Dr HS Bhat,
Bangalore Professor
Emeritus of Urology


All the scholars were of the opinion, after hearing your speech, that you were not a doctor of medicine, but you were holding a doctorate in either history or epigraphy…….."

Epigraphical Society of .


".....You are an exception in our profession. May your creed increase. Very few of us have the courage to tell the truth....."

Prof Rajshekar Reddy


".....The Sarabhai Oration you gave at the API conference at Pune was superb. It was the best lecture given at the conference. My hearty congratulations to you. You have brought great credit to Karnataka......"

Dr CD Sreenivasa Murthy


".....A cardiologist with a heart....."

Nani Palkhivala.


".....On behalf of the International College of Surgeons, I would like to thank you most sincerely for the wonderful Oration, everyone thoroughly enjoyed, especially Dr Karmarkar who congratulated us for selecting an outstanding speaker like you..."

Dr Narendra Pandya
Honarary Secretary.


"......The best ever speech I heard - Phenomenal presentation..."

(Late) Homi Thalyarkhan
Former Health Minister


"...... I still remember the very thought-provoking address at . We would like to invite you to our institute to talk to our students who are the entrants to Central Services like the IAS, IPS, IFS etc....."

Dr. Amitav Mukherjee
Lal Bahadhur Shasthri Academy of Administration, Mussorie


"....... Prof Hegde is an authority on Hypertension and a very stimulating speaker...."

Whittington Academic Centre


"...... Your article was like a breath of fresh air in my fifteen years experience of such plain simple truth- it was so thought provoking and reassuring... It has further affirmed my belief in our rich heritage of Ayurveda..."

Dr Vijayakumar Gupta
Senior Specialist
Central Health Service.


"......It was, Indeed, pleasant meeting you in ... many of us share a vision for an editorial committee for Encyclopedia Britannica with you...."

Polly Saur
Editor, Encyclopaedia Brittanica.


"...... Prof Hegde is one of the top medical educators in . He is the only external examiner for the MRCP Examination. I heard him in Goa recently where his oratory skills matched only those of another great speaker from , Dr Norman Kaplan..."

Prof of Medicine,


"..... I must admit that you are an original thinker.... I have liked your articles not because they are apt, boldly worded, but I believe you are writing what is in the minds of majority....."

Dr Deodhar
Pathologist .


"...... Your CV is amazing. I was thoroughly bowled with the range and depth of your accomplishments. Indeed your credentials are enviable...."

Dr Promila Sharma
Director of


"...... Your oration will remain with me till I die..."

Dr Mohini Mohan Das


"..... Dr Hegde is a dynamic speaker with cosmopolitan interests. He is a recognised authority on Medical Education and Health care.....The presentation was informative and most provocative...."

Dr Lawrence Cohen
Chief Internal Medicine
Southern .


"...... We, in the search committee, assessed you at the top of our list, no one else came even to the fringe of your academic attainments.....Shocked to see that the Government has appointed some one else as the Vice Chancellor. This note comes to reassure you that God in his wisdom has something else cut out for you. We should not look for equality, beauty, and justice outside of us in this world. They are deeply embedded within you...."

VC s in 1993.
Government of Karnataka.


"...... Your article was a great pleasure and relief....I now feel less mad than some of my colleagues think I am"

Alan Lannigan,FRCS
Accident Surgeon .


"....... It is not for nothing they thronged to the venue and the hall was packed to the brim. Members of our associations were privileged to listen to your address"

IMACGB, Pune.                                                 IMA Pune.


"....... Staff members still refusing to come out of your spell..... They are thrilled by your presentation and will remember it forever. "

Dr V N Karandikar
Bharathi Vidya Peeth , Pune.


"...... I believe that Dr. Hegde’s popularity as a teacher and lecturer stems from his infectious humour, which tinctures his dialogues in every setting. You will glimpse this humour throughout his writing also. It always has been my experience that THIS IS THE STUFF THAT MAKES FOR GREAT TEACHING and learning!

Robin Blakesley
Technical Editor, ISEE,
Huntingdon. PA 16652.


"………..London Lecture on 2nd March 2000

I greatly enjoyed your lecture, and the principles of Ayurveda struck me as very profound…………… I would very much like you to write a piece about Ayurveda for the BMJ ……….

Richard Smith
Editor, British Medical Journal


When Kini introduced me to you I never knew that I am meeting one of the most gifted personalities of .

Dr Anurag Bharadwaj
Assistant Professor(Medicine)
of Medical Sciences Pokhara


"...The letter recommending the name of Prof B M Hegde for conferment of Padma Bhushan award is under consideration.."

S B Chavan
Home Minister (Jan 1994)


"..This day under my Chairmanship, the Cabinet Sub-Committee met and recommended your name for Padma Shri award. Soon after the return of the Chief Minister, it will be sent to the Govt. of India…………..This recommendation by the State Govt. is a small token of our appreciation for the work you have been doing. We look forward for your guidance in future also to mould our posterity…………………

M P Prakash
Minister for Rural Development and Panchayathi Raj
(10th Sept 1998)


"For all that you have done to us, SIR, we have humbly decided to name the newly built Auditorium in your honourable name. Sir, we do know that you do not entertain any kind of publicity, but we request you to agree for once, because in the coming days we want the new generation of students to know that such an eminent and dynamic personality was our guiding light to us in all our endeavours

India Development Foundation.
560 017.


"......Your dynamism, sincerity of purpose and dedication to the cause of future welfare of humanity are very admirable. I wish every University in is headed by VCs like you. THEN ONLY OUR FUTUTRE GENERATIONS WOULD BE BETTER EDUCATED……………..”

Mr. E.P.Menon.
Executive Trustee,
(April 18, 2000)
Epigraphical Society of ’
Silver Jubilee Conference ,Udupi


Dear Dr.Hegde,

We really enjoyed having you here in and at the Conference. Many of those attending your presentation enjoyed it and praise it highly.
Could you please mail me the final form of the written presentation to provide it to those people who asked for it., and to include it in the Conference Proceedings which will be published as soon as we receive the final versions?
We will always remember you and think of you. You will be informed whenever future conferences are planned.
Thanks again for accepting to be with us. All my colleagues here send you their best regards. Hoping to welcome you here again and again.
May Allah protect you always.
Best regards to the family and you.

Dr. Anwar Bhattikhi
, Director General of Science and Technology, of Jordon

Sages and Scientists Symposium February 2010

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